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Hello Audio Review - Is It Worth It?

by Make It Work Marketing

If you wanna use private podcasts to grow your list, run challenges, sell courses, or use it for affiliate marketing. Today I want to talk to you about Hello Audio; that just makes all of this easy.

My name is RK Castillo with Brilliant Buys. I was running these 5 Day Challenges and using Facebook groups and I could get people to sign up, but man, I couldn’t get people to come and actually be a part of the live videos or watch the replays. And then I remembered being a part of, a participant in, another five day challenge and he used popup podcasts, or private podcasts. And, and I remember really liking that format because I don’t know about you, but man, I listen to podcasts when I’m cooking, making coffee, going to the bathroom, and when i’m out and about I listen to podcasts.  I have my phone in my pocket. I can just listen to it anytime.I thought this is probably a great way to produce content that people will actually consume.

So today I wanted to give you my Hello Audio Review. What I like from it? You know, a couple problems I had with it and why I think it would be a great choice for your business.

First of all, why podcasting? I went and searched the inter webs and I found some kind of crazy stats about podcasting. Did you know that 88% of adults in the US consumed audio content last year, 40% listened to a podcast every single week and on average they listen to eight podcasts a week. I mean that’s crazy. Now, 70% of all digital content is actually consumed on mobile phones. So if you want to actually help your customers, help your clients the best way to do it, the medium that they’re consuming now is a podcast, audio content on their phones. So if you wanna help, ’em be where they’re at.

Facebook Group Launch vs Private Podcast 5 Day Challenge

I also heard about someone who was launching a Facebook group and this person had a great online community and they wanted to kind of relaunch their Facebook group. And so she was actually able to get 2,500 people to register for her event. But she shared the stats and like around 10% of people, 10% of that 2,500 actually showed up for her event. And it was like a five day event. And you know, every single day of the week, those numbers would drop down, down, down, down where less than 10% of people were actually showing up to her event.

Then I heard some stats from someone who ran a private podcast, 5 day challenge. The crazy thing was 65% of the people that registered actually downloaded and listened to the first episode. And with podcast, a crazy thing is if you can get a person to actually play on that first episode, 80% of them will actually consume your content.

So this private podcast launch, 5 day challenge, they had 65% of people download the first episode, but 60% of the people who registered actually consumed all five days worth of content.

Now think about that. That’s like six times the amount of people that actually showed up for the Facebook challenge or Facebook group launch or whatever it was. Think about that six times more people showed up and consumed the content because it showed up on their mobile phone in their favorite podcast app. And they could just listen to it on a go.

What If I Don’t Have A Fancy Audio Studio or Fancy Equipment?

Now I don’t know about you. I don’t have a fancy audio studio or fancy equipment. I was reading on the Hello Audio site, you could just do this from your phone. You can actually record the audio on your phone. You can actually edit the audio on your phone and you can upload the the audio all from your phone.

So I wanted to do an experiment. What if I did everything from my phone would this actually work and could I actually get people to join the private podcast and listen to it?

I just followed their steps that they said to do. I recorded it on my phone, edited it, uploaded it to hello audio. I was fully able to get people to come to a private podcast of an audio, uh, a whole, like a seven days of audios that I just did for my phone.

So man, even if you don’t have fancy studio, fancy equipment, you can fully use hello audio to reach your audience.

Hello Audio Is So Easy My Kids Use It

Now I realize that hello audio is actually so simple. I’m actually teaching my kids how to do this, to actually grow an affiliate marketing business. So then it’s so easy. Even kids can do it.

Private Podcast Options

Hello Audio also does Public Podcasts You can, you know, have a regular podcast that people can listen to and just download from their favorite podcast app. But I think the power of hello audio is actually in their private podcast.

So if you want to actually run a private podcast with hello audio. So they have three different options. You can make your private podcast episodes go live immediately, So you just want to available right away. The second option is you can actually make it date based where you can say, Hey, I want to launch my podcast or my private podcast, my private podcast episode, I wanna launch it like next Monday. You can actually schedule it to go out on a specific date.

You can also choose a drip based podcast, which means they sign up, they get episode number one and then you can actually choose, I wanna drip the second episode the next day. And it goes out the next day. Then the third day the next episode, etc.

The reason I started to use private podcasts with hello audio is because I liked this feature, where you can actually have episodes expire. You know, I was running five day challenges. Having an episode that will expire actually makes it so that you can add some scarcity, you know like, “Hey, these are only available for five days. After five days are gonna go away.” This is an event, you know, et cetera, et cetera, cetera,

This is where I had some problems with hello audio in the beginning. I set it to expire after a few days. And then a couple months later I went on my podcast app and the episodes are still there. So I actually contacted support at hello audio and said, “Hey man my episodes aren’t expiring.”

So it turned out, it was actually user error. I had like a setting of my phone that would just download all the podcasts or something. So the reason it wasn’t expiring was because of me, not because of hello audio….go figure.

Those are some things that you can do with your private podcast. You can do a date based, you can do an instant or you can do a drip and then you can actually have them expire.

Get a 7 Day Free Trial Of Hello Audio

Now the cool thing with hello audio is they actually offer a free 7 day trial.

So if you’re interested in this, you can go to and read our full review, click the buttons there, sign up, and they’ll actually give you that 7 day free trial.

And you don’t even have to add your credit card. Now, most of the people who sign up for hello audio, they actually have their first private podcast up and running within 24 hours. So you can go sign up today and you can actually have your first private podcast out tomorrow!

So click the link below or click the button down below, add your name and email and you can go and you can get started with hello audio today. Start getting people on your private podcast by tomorrow.

Know what I’m saying? Easy Peasy.


Hello Audio Bonuses

If you do sign up through our link, I wanna give you a few bonuses.

After running some challenges and using some courses for Lead Gen, there’s a few things that I’ve started to tweak that I think makes the user experience better.

Bonus #1 – What’s Working Guide.

It’s behind the scenes things that I’m tweaking to make the user experience better.

Bonus #2 – Private Podcast Affiliate Case Study

I’ve started to use private podcast for affiliate marketing (this is the thing that I’m actually teaching and training my kids how to do…how to use hello, audio, to do private podcasts, to build an affiliate marketing business).

So I wanna give behind the scenes, look at what we’re doing with affiliate marketing using private podcasts.

Bonus #3 – Simple Ad System

I want to show you how we use ads to actually get listeners to join our private podcast.

So I’ll give you those three things. If you just click the link down below, click the button down below, add your name and email and We’ll send you over to hello audio, you sign up, let me know. And I’ll send you over these three bonuses.

So I’ll give you those three things. If you just click the link down below, click the button down below, add your name and email and We’ll send you over to hello audio, you sign up, let me know. And I’ll send you over these three bonuses.