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MLM Business Building Lesson From A Horrible Fisherman

by Make It Work Marketing

Kelike: Hi there, this is Kelike Castillo.

RK: And RK with Make It Work Marketing.

Kelike: So the other day, we talked to you about the only two things that you should be focusing on when you’re trying to build your team and grow your business. Those two things are…

RK: Traffic and conversions. 

Kelike: Fantastic. 

RK: We talked about, you know what, if you really want to get good at converting that traffic into team members, we said, one of the best things that you can do is our Step 1 of our three-part system, which is find your tribe. So we actually had you guys go through a worksheet to help you figure out who your tribe is. At the end of that exercise, you actually named your one tribe member. So everything that you do in your marketing from now on is going to be about attracting that one person to you.

Kelike: So today, we’re going to be talking about how to get your tribe to come to you. You can think of it like you being the magnet and you’re looking for your ideal customers, maybe in the messy tool drawer. I want to know anything about that.

RK: Right. So I remember I was up in Yosemite. It’s really a beautiful area, nature, big, giant rocks that rock climbers climb up, and there’s a really nice stream there. We were sitting next to the stream. I remember seeing a dude fishing off of a bridge and you could see in the water, in the stream, there were like 20 or 30 fish just sitting there. The guy had his hook right in the middle of them. You could tell that those fish, they weren’t even tempted at all by whatever it was that the guy was offering them on his hook. I remember looking at my friend who I was with and say, “You know what, sometimes you got to think about changing your bait, because I mean, it was obvious those fish, they weren’t hungry for whatever that guy was offering.”

So today, we want to talk about choosing the right bait that will attract that person that you’d like to be a part of your tribe. So every single person that signs up for your MLM gets the same exact material, marketing material, with the same exact cell message, same exact images. They say, “Go say this same exact thing.” So it doesn’t matter if you’re the top-top of the company or you’re the bottom of the company. Every single person has the same exact stuff and they’re told to say the same exact thing. So every single person in your company is competing against each other. 

So what you need to do, if you want to build a team without having to be a salesy sales lady, trying to sell whatever it is, you need to start doing something different than what everyone else is doing. The best way to do that is to create a different bait.

So what we’re talking about is you want to create some sort of content, some sort of educational material, some sort of something that will help attract a business builder to come to you and say, “Look, I need what they have.” So you might offer a PDF. You might offer a video course. You might offer scripts that they can use and Facebook messenger. You might offer a webinar or whatever it is that you have that you can provide value for someone. 

What you do is you put that behind what we call a Squeeze Page. So a Squeeze Page is just a page that’s out there on the internet that says, “Look, if you’d like to get whatever bait that you have, all you have to do is give us your name, give us your email, or maybe click this button and connect it to Facebook messenger or whatever it is.” Once you do that, you get this bait that you’re offering. All the bait is a way for you to provide value to your potential tribe member to show that you’re a leader, someone that they can know, like, and trust.

Now the thing is, if you join our team, we give everyone in our downline our exact system, our exact funnel, our exact set of squeeze pages. We give you the scripts. We give you everything so that you don’t even have to think about this. All you got to do is just follow the scripts, plug in your info into the squeeze pages and everything that’s already made, and then you’re ready to go. You can focus on traffic, getting traffic to your squeeze page, getting traffic to your funnels, and value, providing value, building a relationship with your team so that you can begin to do the third part of our system, which is qualifying. 

You already have it and you’d like us to look at it, send it our way. We’ll give you our opinion. If there’s any way that we can help you make it better, we’ll let you know. 

So tomorrow, we’re going to show you how you can get paid even if someone says no to being a part of your team or a part of your tribe or being a part of your opportunity, whatever it is. So you’re not going to waste that tomorrow. All right, now everyone, make it work.