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The Only 2 Things You Need To Master To Grow Your MLM

by Make It Work Marketing

Kelike: Hey, this is Kelike Castillo.

RK: And RK from Make It Work Marketing.

Kelike: The last time we spoke to you, we talked about why we don’t follow our upline’s advice. I mean, it’s advice typically given in MLMs. as soon as you join, they say, “Okay, make a list of a hundred of your closest friends and relatives and just start talking to them about the business and don’t leave anybody out.” That’s what they always say. We do not give that advice nor do we want you to take that advice. We also promised you that we were not going to talk about our MLM and we are going to continue to do that. We will give you our… oh, sorry. We said that we were going to give you our three-step system, and those three steps are: #1 Find your tribe, #2 Educate and inspire, and #3…

RK: Qualify.

Kelike: So on the last video, at the very end, we said there were only two things that you need to master to automagically grow your business.

RK: And those two things are traffic and conversion. So whenever it comes to building a business, you need to understand that marketing is math. Business is about numbers. So we’re going to jump over to our computer real quick and I’m going to walk you through a Marketing Is Math calculator. 

All right. So we’re over here at our Marketing Is Math calculator. So if you see up here at the top, you got traffic and conversions, which is the two things that you need to master if you’re going to build your business. Now, everyone wants this third step right here, which is team members. Everyone wants people on their team that are going to be business builders like we were just talking about. But the thing is, team members are a result of trafficking conversion. 

So for example, if you attract 100 people to yourself through the different traffic systems that we teach and they come into your world, and 13 of those 100 people say, “Hey, I want to be a part of your team,” you have a 13% conversion rate. So basically, you have 13 team members now.

Now let’s say for whatever business you’re in, it could be way more than this, but I just put this here as an example, the cost that you get paid or the payment that you get paid when someone joins is 20 bucks. And let’s say they’re on some sort of monthly, so you get 20 bucks every single month. At the end of the year, you’ve made $3,120 off of that person. 

Let’s say just for math sake, I will say, you spent $200 in ads to get those 100 people to come into your funnel to be a part of your team. If you’re going to master traffic and conversions, traffic is easy. You go buy traffic from all kinds of different places like we teach in our traffic course. 

But what we want to focus on is conversions, because if we can up this number from 13%, let’s say, what if you got 20% of people that came into your funnel decided they wanted to be a part of the team. Look how much you’ve made more just because you got a better conversion rate. Let’s say your conversion works so well that you got a 40% conversion rate from those 100 people who come into your world. Now, look at what you’re doing.

Now, let’s say you’ve worked out the conversion so you want to increase the amount of traffic. So you go pay for more ads and you just 10x your conversion. I’m sorry, 10x your traffic. So now look what happens. You’ve paid a little bit more to get 10 times the amount of traffic, but look at your bottom line down here at the end of the funnel. You’re making $95,000 a year because you’ve worked on those two things, only traffic and conversions. 

So now we’re going to go back and we’re going to share probably what the most important thing is if you want to increase your conversions, which is…

Kelike: Okay. So the first of the three steps system was to find your tribe. What’s important to remember about this is that people like to buy from people.

RK: So, in all of our marketing, to get traffic to come to us, we want to make sure that we’re creating marketing for just one person.

Kelike: Yeah. So when you’re putting yourself out there and you’re talking and you’re trying to find your tribe, you want to ask yourself, “Who would I want to go on a cruise with? Who would I go on a road trip with? Who would I invite to family dinners?”

RK: Right, because we want to have the type of person on our team who wants to build their business, not the type of person who needs the business. So we have people on our team who got in because they heard that there was a discount. You think about it. If someone who gets in because they just want to save some money, three months, six months later, they’re not doing anything to build their business because all they were trying to do was save some money in the beginning. They weren’t looking to make an investment to build something.

Kelike: Right. So, in my case, I had a little bit of extra money and I wanted to invest in something. I thought, I asked myself, “Where can I put this money that I can make some money back?” I chose to invest it in an MLM. What was nice was that within the first month of joining, I had already made back my initial investment.

RK: Right. So we want people who are looking for investments. Investments is you put a dollar in, you get $2 back. We’re looking for business builders. So the people that we’re trying to attract to our tribe are those types of people. So we’re going to go back to our computer. We created a Tribe Finder Worksheet. Again, you can download that below the video and go through the worksheet and it’ll help you figure out who your person is that you want to attract to be a part of your team. All right, let’s go jump into it. 

Kelike: Okay. We are at our Tribe Finder Worksheets, and you want to ask yourself who are the kinds of people you want to work with and try to get as specific as you can. We’ve created this worksheet so that you can do that. So how old are your teammates?

RK: Right. Are they married or are they single? Do they have kids or grandkids? Are you going after males or females or couples? Do they work outside of the home or do they work from home? What’s their education level? Are they blue-collar or white-collar? What is their current income level? What are their goals? What are their big dreams? What keeps them up at night and what are their biggest fears? And at the very end, I said, what’s your tribe member’s name? 

We went through this whole worksheet and we named our tribe member Tamara. That’s the person that we’re trying to attract. So all of our marketing, all the videos that we’re going to make, that we’re making now, making in the future, they’re all made speaking to just one person. In our minds, that person is Tamara. She fits everything and the type of team member that we want as a part of our team.

Kelike: And also, if you actually think of friends that if you actually name the person and you think about why you’d like that person, woman, whatever you’re doing, however you’re targeting this kind of people, however you’re trying to attract them, it’s going to be that much better because you’re going to eliminate things that wouldn’t appeal to that person because you’re speaking to that audience and that audience alone.

RK: So your assignment today is to go through this worksheet and fill it out, name your tribe member, and then let us know, send us a message and let us know what your tribe members name is and what they’re like.

Kelike: Okay. I hope that was helpful.

RK: So tomorrow, if you come back, we’re going to be showing you a specific way that you can actually get that specific person who you’d like to be a part of your team in your tribe, how you can actually get them into your world so you can start working on the second part of this system, which is educate and inspire them. All right. See you tomorrow.