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What Top MLM Earners Never Do

by Make It Work Marketing

Kelike: What’s up guys? Kelike here with Make It Work Marketing. 

RK: And RK.

Kelike: So yesterday, RK and I got to talking because about two days ago, the company that I work with did a promotion and it got sent out to all of us, and my immediate…

RK: Desire.

Kelike: Yeah. Desire, whatever. My immediate instinct was to take that information, take the pictures that they gave, take the wording that they said to use, and just go and blast it out there on social media to put it on my Instagram and Facebook and everything. So I was going to do that, but I remembered these things though.

RK: We teach in Day #1, which is…

Kelike: Which is, don’t do that.

RK: Don’t do that. To grow your company, you never talk about your company. We’ll talk about that in Day #1 of our free five-day workshop. Okay, go ahead.

Kelike: Yes. So anyway, I was on there and I said, “Well, you know what? I want to do some research.” So I went and I searched hashtags. I looked at the top earners in my space. And you know what, not a single one of them even mentioned the special to deal. It was like business as usual. I was really shocked because we live in Hawaii. So we are the last ones in the time zone, which means they had hours and hours to do something, say something, and none of them did. It was just like crickets.

RK: Yeah. Because there’s no one that goes to social media, Instagram or Facebook or any other, one of the social medias to look at product pictures. they log in on their phone. They got a couple of minutes off and they’re like, “Man, I can’t wait to see some product photos. Can’t wait.” So what did you notice from… because she was still MLM auntie-ing it, trying to post all of her product pictures and all about the company.

Kelike: I’m stubborn like that. I can do both. I can do it my way and his way.

RK: Right. So what did you notice when you looked at your product picture posts on the Insta?

Kelike: Right. So what I noticed with analytics and whatever is that those posts, they don’t get a lot of lights. The ones about our family, about our lifestyle, about our struggles, whatever, all those just do way better. You have people commenting, you have people liking a lot more. Whereas I noticed that even within our team, our people here and what you do, the same thing that I do, that when they would try to do that, put those product pictures on their thing and talk about them, you know what, the only people that like them are other consultants. It’s really like supporting each other. We’re like, “Yeah, girl, you get after it. You do your job.”

RK: You post those product pictures, we love them too.

Kelike: Yes. So we’re the only ones. I was like, “Wow, there’s really something to this.” It is a lesson to be learned. The sooner that you get it, the better your engagement will be. The higher your posts will rank, the better you’ll do. Because I mean, just take it from me. I try to do everything the wrong way first and it doesn’t work.

RK: So look, if you want to figure out what to actually post and how to post it so that you can build your business automagically on autopilot, again, go to, sign up for the free five-day workshop. We give you the thing and everything you need to be able to grow your business without having to post product pictures.

Kelike: That’s awesome. Have a good day.